License to Carry Online (106) With Range


We are only scheduling the LTC Shooting Test for applicants who have registered through our website for the LTC Online and required proficiency demonstration at the time of checkout. 


Take the official Texas License To Carry (formally CHL) class at home 24/7 and at your pace.


The Range at Austin has partnered with Texas Carry Academy to provide state licensed online LTC courses.


Take the class on your desktop, laptop, iPad or even on your smart phone while sitting on your sofa!


Only 4 hours long, and you take it at your own pace. Log out, log in and start where you left off.


Once you complete the online portion, Texas law requires you to then complete a proficiency test in person with a licensed LTC professional. After completing the online course choose a date to come in for the proficiency test.

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This is the official class needed to get your Texas license to carry (Texas LTC), formally known as a concealed handgun license (Texas CHL).


Once you enroll you can take the class at your own pace, 24/7 on any device including your smartphone.


It’s 4 hours long, but you can take it a little at a time, or all at once, it’s up to you.


Your progress will be saved each session so you can pick up where you left off.


Range Portion
Texas DPS requires a range portion be completed with an LTC instructor after the online class is complete. This proficiency demonstration requirement is the same for all online LTC classes.


This is not a firearm training class. This class only covers the Texas laws surrounding carrying a firearm and use of force. The shooting portion of this class is strictly a test. If you are new to firearms we highly recommend taking our New Pistol Shooter class first



We are working through a very large list of registered students for the LTC Shooting Test. Thank you in advance for your patience. We are only scheduling the LTC Shooting Test for applicants who have registered through our website for the LTC Online and required proficiency demonstration at the time of checkout. If you did, you will get an email invitation requiring you to RSVP for a date/time. The email will contain the details of the date/time so please wait to ask questions and check your inbox frequently. Each session will only have eight seats, so the first eight people who confirm will be added to the roster.

If you did not register with us, then you can register for the LTC Prep; which meets the State’s requirement for the proficiency test.



Can I take the Texas LTC class online?
•Yes. Texas law now allows the Texas LTC class to be taken online. Make sure you use an online course provider that is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety like Texas Carry Academy.


How long is the online Texas LTC class?
•The minimum LTC class time required by Texas state law is four hours. Our online course is four hours long but you can take it at your own pace.


After I finish the online course, how long do I have to complete the process?
•You have one year from the day you finish the online LTC class to complete the process and apply for your license.


Can I take the online LTC class on my smartphone?
•Yes. Our online course works on all devices including your smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet.


Will the Texas LTC allow me to carry open and concealed?
•Yes. The Texas license to carry will allow you to carry open or concealed. It use to be called a concealed handgun license or (CHL) but it is now called a license to carry or (LTC).


How long will I have to complete the online LTC class?
•You will have access to the online LTC class for one year to complete the four hour online course. After you complete the online course you will have two years to complete the process and apply for your Texas LTC.

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LTC Online with Range Portion


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