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Firearm Training Classes for Austin, TX

We offer quality training and instruction for our Austin community from basic gun safety to group and private one-on-one advanced specialty training. Book a class to get your concealed handgun license, known in Texas as a license to carry, aka an LTC . The Range proudly helps all skill levels from beginners to the highly skilled.

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Garrett Jester: Lead Instructor

Garrett holds NRA Certifications in Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor and Range Safety Officer. A former EMT, Garrett believes strongly in helping his students assemble a “toolbox” of different techniques and disciplines.  When not teaching, he also enjoys building and modifying his own firearms.  If you’re looking to establish foundational skills or gain a greater understanding of the technical aspects of your firearm, he’s the right trainer for you!

Frank Tooker

Frank has been involved in training safe and practical shooting skills to others since 2011.  He is a certified NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor, a certified NRA Range Safety Officer and is a certified Instructor through the Institute of Homeland Security and Training. He is also a certified TX DPS License to Carry Instructor. He has over 30 years of experience and training with some of the best units in the US Army, multiple Police Agencies, and private sources.  He has competed in USPSA, IPSC and 3 Gun events for the last 20 years.

Dennis Gill

Dennis is a NRA Certified Instructor whose passion is to help new and beginner shooters on their journey to become more capable protectors of life.  He trains and instructs for real life self-defense situations.  His goal is to help as many people become assets in emergency situations, rather than liabilities.

When not training, Dennis is either hanging out with his wife and 3 kids, manning the grill at a family BBQ or hunting for that next real estate deal…sometimes all at the same time.

Mandi Ruffin

Mandi comes to The Range with a decorated career in special education. She has a passion for making firearms training and education more accessible to all shooters, especially women, children, and beginner shooters.  She brings research-based teaching practices to every session, helping ensure all her students leave with more confidence and improved marksmanship. Whether you’re looking to gain a solid foundation or hone your skills, Mandi can tailor an individualized lesson to help you achieve your goals.