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LTC & Concealed Carry Classes

The LTC (Formerly CHL) Course is the Texas required training program for first time applicants.

The concealed handgun course consists of a state mandated 4-6 classroom hours of instruction from a DPS certified Instructor.


This is not a firearm training class. This class only covers the Texas laws surrounding carrying a firearm and use of force. The shooting portion of this class is strictly a test. If you are new to firearms, we highly recommend taking our New Pistol Shooter class first.

Topics include:
• Texas laws pertaining to the Use of Force/Deadly Force and weapons; safety and use of handguns, holsters and secure open carrying of handguns;
• Non-violent dispute resolution;
• Safe and proper storage practices for firearms emphasizing practices that eliminate potential for accidental injury to a child.


Classroom Portion Includes:

A combination of lecture, A/V presentation and hands-on exercises will be utilized to keep the class safe, enjoyable and informative.


Proficiency Test:

The Firearms Proficiency portion consists of a 50-round course of fire at 3, 7 and 15 yds.

We offer the LTC Shooting Test separate as well for those taking the online course.


Required Gear:

  • Semi-automatic pistol (.22LR or greater)* No lasers or optics (i.e. Red Dots).
  • 2x pistol magazines
  • 50 rounds of factory FMJ ammunition (reloads are prohibited)*
  • Range appropriate clothing: long pants, comfortable shirt, athletic shoes, and a ball cap
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Water bottle & snacks
  • Notebook with pen/pencil
  • Open mind


Benefits to having your LTC:

  • You can carry in more places
  • Texas has reciprocity in other states
  • Easier to purchase firearms


Who is allowed to get their LTC:

Legal residents of Texas or another state who are not prohibited from possessing firearms.

Take the official Texas License To Carry class at home 24/7 and at your pace.

License to Carry Online


Take the state mandated course and complete your proficiency test to get your LTC

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