Private Instruction


60 or 90 minutes of Private Instruction: Instructor will work with you to improve your shooting knowledge, skills and ability.


We highly recommend that new or first time shooters choose the 90 min option.

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Both 60 and 90 minute private lessons are tailored to fit your needs. Firearm rental and ammunition not included, but available for rent or purchase.


Looking to explore the shooting sports world? Our Private Instruction program is excellent for first time shooters who may never have fired a firearm, the LTC applicant looking to prepare for their shooting qualification or experienced shooters wanting specific skill set improvement. Let our professional staff of experienced instructors work with you to improve your shooting knowledge, skills and ability. Each session is customized then further refined from our instructor’s observations and diagnostics of your skills.


Subjects can include safety, marksmanship, firearms handling, firearm selection, firearm maintenance, equipment selection and concealed carry to name a few. Safe, friendly and encouraging these sessions are excellent for all skill levels.


*Disclaimer: Lessons held during peak hours may expose students to additional shooters in the bay during their lessons.​​


Hours: 1
Number of Students: 1 (2 max, if added at additional $50)
Required Gear:
• Firearm
• 50 rounds of factory ammunition
• Clear, wrap around eye protection
• Hearing protection