Holster Qualification


Successful completion of this course will earn students the ability to practice drawing from the holster while using the range.


This is not holster training, this course covers TRA holster policies and test students on their ability to safely holster and unholster.

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This certification session is for Intermediate to Advanced shooters who can demonstrate proficiency in gun safety, manipulations, and the fundamentals of marksmanship.  Students should already have significant experience and practice drawing and re-holstering safely from a strong side, outside-the-waistband holster BEFORE attending this session. Please sign up for a private lesson if you would like help practicing working with a holster


During this session, you will learn The Range requirements for: 


• Details of how we require you to both draw and reholster your firearm while training

• Certain policies for certain gun types

• What holster types/brands are permitted

• How to display your holster card/placard while shooting at the Range


Hours: 90 min
Number of Students: 1

Required Gear:
• Handgun
• Strongside, outside the waistband holster (Kydex Preferred) NO SERPA HOLSTERS
• Sturdy Gun Belt
• 50 rounds of factory ammunition
• Clear, wrap around eye protection
• Hearing protection