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Gun Free Zone Trap

Gun free zones equal criminal empowerment zones. Places where criminals can and do get away with murder because they know no one will stop them.

Liberal Logic

I have been opposed to gun free zones since their inception. This is a classic example of liberal logic with deadly consequences. We do not have a gun epidemic in this country, we have a stupid problem. Where some people are too clouded in their own biases to see the real world. Ask yourself this question, why would a criminal commit a crime? What compels another human to commit murder? The truth is a bit hurtful in that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what compelled them to commit such heinous crimes. The fact of the matter is they did.

Curb Appeal

We may want to better understand the motives that lead to these horrible acts. That to me makes sense, but if we are truly going to dig deeper then we cannot bury what we find. For instances, why have the overwhelming incidents of mass shootings over the last several years been committed at gun free locations. Rather than try to figure out what propelled them to commit these crimes why don’t we start asking what lead them to choose their locations. In the past, the pattern was to right perceived wrongs. The Columbine shooting and several others of that time frame fit this narrative. More and more of the recent events happened for other reasons, but why did they choose the locations specifically.

Soft Targets

Why haven’t we asked these questions. If we were to ask these questions I bet we would get some interesting responses. I cannot begin to speculate or speak on their behalf, however if I were to look at this from a force protection perspective the locations they choose are soft targets. They have no visible security presence, no measures specifically targeting these types of attacks, no deterrences in place to prevent these atrocious acts of violence. When I operated in high risk zones through out the globe it was interesting to see how other countries interacted with their host nation.

Please Stop, Or I Will Be Forced To Ask Again

Most of the time, if they knew they were being surveyed as a potential target and most are, they don’t bother to tell terrorist they cannot bring bombs or guns to their facility. The operate under a completely different premise. The terrorist are already going to commit these acts, so how do we stop them. I’m not saying these force protection measures need to be adopted stateside. I’m saying it is a different mindset about the very nature of those who want to do harm.

Face The Facts

There is no illusion about force protection measure being “feel” good. They have to be good because people’s lives are at stake. Feel good initiatives are terrible, they fly in the face of practical solutions. If lives were lost because of a feel good initiative overseas there would be consequences. We know gun free zones don’t work, they enable criminals to commit murder because they know they can empose their will. They know they can do so without fearing for their own lives. Once confronted by a disciplined and armed fighter the outcome can be significantly altered. The real question is why would we continue to ignore this outcome.

It cannot be said enough, in a fair fight, one where both parties are armed the outcome is no longer left to being one sided. Now, each side is in charge or their own destiny and may the better party win.

Author: Jeff Gonzales