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Purple Belt: Unconventional Shooting Positions

Class Objective: Maintain fundamentals of marksmanship while working from unconventional positions such as seated, prone, supine, and through ports.


Number of Students: 4


Prerequisites: Successful passage of the blue-to-purple belt test


Required Gear:

  • Semi-auto Handgun: A reliable semi-automatic handgun is essential for the training. Ensure it is in good working condition and familiarize yourself with its operation.
  • Multiple Magazines: Having extra magazines readily available allows for seamless transitions during drills, ensuring you’re always prepared for the next target engagement.
  • EDC Holster Set Up: An everyday carry (EDC) holster is a must for this class. It should be secure, comfortable, and easily accessible to facilitate smooth drawing and reholstering.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Safety is our top priority. All participants are required to wear appropriate PPE, including eye and ear protection.



If you haven’t completed our online waiver, please do so by clicking here. It must be completed prior to live fire training. This waiver is good for one year.


Attendance Policy: Due to the high demand for slots in these classes, please let the Training Department know via email at as early as possible if you are unable to attend class to allow other Dojo Members the opportunity to join. Missed classes can be made up during future classes when that same topic is scheduled, or privately with an instructor (click here) for an additional fee.


Late Arrival To Class: Due to the safety briefing held at the beginning of the class, students are allotted a 5-minute grace period to arrive. Any student who fails to arrive after 5 minutes past the start time will be considered a “No-Show” and will need to attend the class on a later date. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start if you are renting a firearm.


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