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Printable Targets

Dot Torture

This 50-round drill target is an excellent way to methodically practice a variety of marksmanship skills. Begin the drill at 3 yards, only pushing the target back after scoring all 50 rounds perfectly. It is designed to be shot from a holster, but table-pickup is a great modification for shooters not yet ready to draw and shoot.

Red Dot Tracking

Tier 1 Concealed's Dot Tracking target is designed to improve both your dot acquisition during presentation as well as your ability to maintain the dot throughout recoil. The "Draw" circles are intended to be single shot drills from the draw, focusing on acquiring your dot consistently. The "Cadence" circles are intended to be a 5-round string from presentation, focusing on maintaining your red through recoil. The "Put It Together" rectangles are 5-round strings from the draw, putting both skills together.

Baer Solutions Standards

This target is designed to be shot cold with high levels of accountability. It addresses cadence, target transitions, reloads, and throttle control! An excellent warm up for any range day.

Baer Solutions "Danny Target"

Target 1 works on training your sight alignment and trigger squeeze through slow aim fire, draws, reloads, recoil management and well aimed follow up shots after the reload. Each drill builds on the previous one. What you reinforce in one drill should be carried over to the next.

Target 2 trains on the more advanced aspects of shooting such as cadence, recoil management, and throttle control.

Tier 1 Three Sevens

The instructions for this drill are on the target. We recommend focusing on accuracy before adding the element of time restriction. This is a pass or fail drill that focuses on speed, accuracy, transitions, and throttle control.

Sage Dynamics Eleanor Drill

Begin with a precision shot to the center circle, followed by an immediate transition and 3 rounds to the 3''x4'' rectangle. With an extremely challenging par time, this drill is great for days you really want to push yourself!

TRex Arms Throttle Control

10 rounds total. The goal is to put 4 rounds in the center circle, 2 rounds in the medium circles, and a single round in the small ones. In any order you want. From the draw. At 5 yards. This is a good drill to work basic target transitions and throttle control. All on one piece of paper.

Trex Arms Flinch Target

This target will identify trigger deficiencies. Shooting from 3-4 yards, fire one round per black circle. No make ups. With this target it will become very evident how you press the trigger.