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Down Range Safety & Holster Work

The Range at Austin

Drawing from the Holster Standards/Policies

Holster Certification cards are rewarded at the successful completion of the qualification session, passing the shooting test. Cards are valid for one-year before card holders must retake the qualification session.


Special considerations for different guns:

Any DA/SA pistols without a safety, must be safely decocked while pointing directly downrange before holstering.  Never holster in SA mode unless a safety is engaged!

All SA Only guns must have all safeties engage prior to holstering


Holster limitations:

This certification is for Strong Side, Outside the Waistband holsters worn on a sturdy belt.

Holsters must cover the trigger guard completely, and safely retain the firearm. Kydex is strongly recommended; no flimsy nylon holsters.

No shoulder, appendix, cross-draw, or behind the back style holsters.

No Inside the Waistband holsters for this level.

No SERPA holsters or others that require retention to be disengaged by your trigger finger.

Maintain your belt and holster setup; make sure all retention screws are tight and your equipment is secure to keep you and the people around you safe.


Proper holstering procedure:

Load and make ready with firearm pointing downrange, finger in home position.

Ensure holster is not pointing at your own body or anyone else’s (proper angle)

Carefully holster firearm, looking firearm into holster, making sure to clear any obstructions (shirt, etc.,) prior to holstering

There is NEVER a need to hurry while reholstering your firearm!


Proper drawing procedure:

Place strongside hand on the backstrap of your firearm

Place support hand centered on your chest, out of the way

Draw your firearm and begin to point the muzzle downrange. When drawing, keep trigger finger straight and completely outside the trigger guard until the gun is pointed downrange and you are ready to shoot.

Marry your hands on the gun in front of your body and build your grip

Extend your firearm straight and commence firing as your sights align.

No firing from the hip or from anything other than a fully extended presentation.

Do not attempt to draw faster than your abilities SAFELY allow!



Do not unholster inside the facility except when,

  • On the firing line
  • Directed to do so by staff

Display holster card visibly to staff when practicing drawing

Holster Card is valid for only the handgun and holster used during the shooting test

TRA reserves the right to suspend drawing from the holster from the facility



Card Holders may renew by taking a 60min or 90 min lesson with an instructor as long as their holster certification is still valid. Please make a note with your lesson sign up.,

After the expiration date of their Certification, Card Holders must retake the holster authorization session to regain drawing privileges.


Loss of Card:

Card Holders may lose their Holster Certification Card for the following reasons,

Failure to renew; Holster card certification must be renewed every year.

Any safety violations observed by RSO’s may result in a revocation of one’s holster card.