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Throttle Control

Factors that Dictate Speed in Throttle Control:

  1. Target Size:
    • Larger targets generally allow for faster shooting because the margin for error is greater.
    • Smaller targets require more precision, which typically necessitates slower, more deliberate shots.
  2. Target Distance:
    • Close targets can be engaged more quickly due to the reduced likelihood of missing.
    • Distant targets require more precise aiming and a steadier hand, slowing down the shooting pace.
  3. Target Difficulty:
    • Simple, stationary targets are easier and faster to hit.
    • Moving targets or targets with partial exposure require more time to track and aim accurately.
  4. Shooter’s Skill Level:
    • Experienced shooters can often shoot faster while maintaining accuracy due to their honed skills and muscle memory.
    • Novice shooters need to focus more on fundamentals, which typically slows down their shooting pace.
  5. Shooting Environment:
    • A controlled range environment allows for faster shooting as there are fewer variables to consider.
    • Real-world or competition scenarios with varied conditions and obstacles may necessitate a slower, more careful approach.
  6. Recoil Management:
    • Efficient recoil management allows for quicker follow-up shots.
    • Poor recoil control requires the shooter to take more time to realign their sights for each shot.

Practical Application:

  • Controlled Pairs or Double Taps: Shooters might employ throttle control by quickly firing two shots in rapid succession at a large, close target.
  • Precision Shots: When engaging a distant or small target, shooters will slow down to ensure each shot is accurate.
  • Dynamic Scenarios: In a course of fire with varying target sizes and distances, a shooter will constantly adjust their speed, speeding up on easy targets and slowing down on difficult ones.

Mastering throttle control involves practice and experience, as shooters learn to intuitively adjust their speed to match the demands of the shooting scenario while maintaining accuracy and control.

TRex Arms Throttle Control

10 rounds total. The goal is to put 4 rounds in the center circle, 2 rounds in the medium circles, and a single round in the small ones. In any order you want. From the draw. At 5 yards. Click here to watch it done.