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Gunsmith Services

Service        Pricing
Gun Cleaning
Handgun $60 *some exclusions
Long Guns $85 *some exclusions
Over/Under’s & Side by Side By quote
Full Auto Magazine Fed $125 + $50 an hour
Full Auto Belt Fed $300
Suppressors $100 *some exclusions
Trigger Job (parts not included)
Striker Fired (Glock, S/A, Ect) $100
Striker Fired with Polish/Tune (Glock, S/A, Ect) $175
1911 Style $100
Revolvers $100 *some exclusions
Specialty Guns $200
Mount & Sight in, purchased at The Range $50 + ammo cost
Mount & Sight in $100 + ammo cost
Iron Sight Installed

Handguns, purchased at The Range



Other Rifles



$70 *some exclusions

$45 *some exclusions

By Quote

Barrel Work
Pin and Weld $125
Remove and Re-Pin and Weld $225
Rifle Cut Crown Barrel $200
Rifle Cut Crown Thread Barrel $250
Rifle Cut Crown Thread Pin and Weld Barrel $300
Laser Engraving
Basic Grip Stipple Pattern (Glock Only) $200 Click to View Standard Patterns
Premium Grip Stipple Pattern (Glock Only) $250 Click to View Premium Patterns
Pmag (both sides) $15
NFA Item $75
Deep Engraving (hourly) $100
Metal Parts (Slides, Knives, etc.) [per side] $45
Hourly labor rate
Bench Time $100
Machine time (Mill or Lathe) $150

Other services individually quoted

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